So TT is dead. :l

Fair warning everyone.  Turk Tumblr is going to be deleted soon.  Not enough activity on anyone’s part.  We’ve put up plotlines for you guys to play around with and I for one have seen NOTHING being done to help this group survive aside from the occasional like for a couple of things.  We are officially dead and unless you have some way to revive the group, it shall be removed and officially gone by the date that Reno and I specifically choose. 

It was good while it lasted I would assume, even if it had barely any activity to go off of.  Farewell and goodluck.

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Welcome back Mr. Shinra

Open RP prompt for Turk Tumblr.

Reports of spies within the company were becoming much more frequent now and everyone knew it, however their suspicions were primarily on the newer of the Turks.  Marika, Genne, Nathaniel and Briant.  It was a matter of time before the original memebers would gather to speak about this.

We seriously need to get a bit more active here.

I can see that there’s a bit of an eternal quiet here and we the administrators are stubbornly unwilling to let this place die.  Please try to rake in some more members so we can get this group into a more lively attitude and we’ll be setting up an MSN thing to allow everyone to communicate with eachother.  It will just take some time with how slow things have been recently.  Bare with us, hopefully things spring to life soon.

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#TT announcement

Halloween Party on Turk Tumblr. Turks only.

We are hosting a party later today with the Turks only.  Turks attending the party must wear a costume of Halloween/Mythical influence. 

No bashing, no violence without reason and most certainly watch what you say on specific subjects. 

Otherwise, enjoy the party, dance, drink, make merry and try to be in character as much as possible.

Places open for claim again

Message Turk Tumblr for claiming character roles.  Or the admins:  Reno  /  Vincent


Martial Arts (Female)

Katana (Male)

Rufus Shinra

Two Guns

330 plays

The Hoosiers-Killer

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Twenty-Four hour mourning period for removed Turks

The characters that have been removed are:

Martial Arts (female)



Rod (male)

Katana (male)

Two Guns (male)

If you have reasons for absence or lack of participation please contact Reno or me to reclaim your spot within the alotted time given.  Otherwise the character will be declared free.

People in danger of removal today



Martial Arts (female)


Katana (male)


Two Guns

  Later today on my time at 6:00 people will start being removed.  Before this time you are required to post something that is in accordance to the assigned plotline for Turk Tumblr and to provide a brief explanation for your lack of participation and absence to either Reno or me.  Messages will be sent out today to the individual blogs in case you have not read this post.

Turk Tumblr Plotline

Shin-Ra corp. has rebuilt itself to the former glory it once had, but not without consequence.  Multiple rebellions have broken out over the past few months since the return of the company.  Assassination attempts have risen to all new highs, every single one of them aimed at Rufus Shinra.  The Turks are the only barrier between the people and their President’s company and their efforts and numerous victories have not gone unnoticed.  Strange activity has been caught outside of Neo-Midgar, suggesting that a major rebel army against the Company is on the rise.


The unofficial nickname of the Investigation Sector of the General Affairs Department (Alternatively, the Department of Administrative Research in Final Fantasy VII) of the Shinra Electric Power Company in Final Fantasy VII. They work inside the Department of Public Safety under Heidegger.

The Turks act similarly as an intelligence agency or investigative bureau, engaging in reconnaissance and espionage, or even black ops, including kidnappings and assassinations, on the behalf of the corporation. One of their main functions is to "recruit" SOLDIER candidates by force. The spin-off game Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII- focuses exclusively on the Turks in the years leading up to Final Fantasy VII. The reputation of the Turks amongst Shinra is that they will adhere to the mission no matter what. Even if it meant killing their family they would still complete the job.
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